Compositions: Large Works

In addition to several of the mass settings, the following works are larger in scope:

Cycle of Peace

I. Choir - Grant Us Peace
Text: Hebrew Prayer

II. Interlude - Prayer for Peace
(Handbells alone)

III. Choir - Fierce the Force that Curled Cain's Fist
Text: Thomas Troeger

IV. Trio - And God Said
Text: Joel Martinson from various scriptures

V. Choir - Weary of All Trumpeting
Text: Martin Franzmann

VI. Interlude - Vision of Peace
(Handbells and Violin)

VII. Choir - O Day of Peace
Text: Carl P. Daw, Jr.

Genres: Choral, Instrumental, Large Work

SATB Choir, SB Soloists, Handbells (3 Octaves), and Violin

Available from the composer

Evening Music

I. Evening Music
Text: May Sarton

II. Since the Majority of Me
Text: Philip Larkin

III. Symptom Recital
Text: Dorothy Parker

IV. I Loved You First
Text: Christina Rossetti

V. Fall of the Evening Star
Text: Kenneth Patchen

Genre: Choral, Large Work

SATB Choir and oboe

Available from the composer


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